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Sorry if I'm a bit rusty, haven't done this in a loooong time.

Predators (Nimród Antal, 2010)

Now, I know what you're saying, an R-rated action movie with babes, guns, and freaking Predators? Lennon'll love this! Well sir, you are wrong, not even I liked this steaming pile of crap.

For starters the cast was not good at all, hear that Adrien Brody, sure you were good and all that jazz in other movies but here it almost felt like you were trying to one-up Ah-nuld! at his own game, which just made me think, oh wow, I want to go home and bust out the first DVD not stay here and watch. Alice Braga was pretty wooden as was everyone else, the only one who ultimately did good was, well, Eric freakin' Forman, and that's saying something.

As for the plot, the writers would like you to think it's different but basically it's the same as the first one, sure they're on a different planet but it still looks like every other jungle ever, they just lack a lot of creativity. The "big idea" of the movie is to try to throw in a trying-to-escape-via-aircraft plot but it's still "GET TO DA CHOPPA!" all over again. Then for added sucking, they put not one, not two, but three final stands a la Sonny Landham in, once again the first movie. To give the makers some credit, they did have one good twist thrown in, and Brody's final fight did include one innovative idea, but those don't make up for the hour or so I had to sit through of suckingness.

Also, Robert Rodriguez, I thought would at least the action would be new and innovative, well, nope. You get guys getting stabbed straight through, guys spines being ripped out, and guys being set up for traps. Nothing new. Not even the effects were to good.

All in all Predators was not creative, not good, and defiantly not worth it, just go watch the first one people. I feel duped.