Predators   7/21/10
by Lennon
Predators (Nimr ntal, 2010) Now, I know what you're saying, an R-rated action movie with babes, guns, and freaking Predators?

No Country for Old Men   5/11/09
by Lennon
Putting that to paper makes this movie sound so predictable, but its thanks to the script by the Coen Bros, based upon Cormac McCarthys novel of the same name, its not.

Manhattan   5/10/09
by Lennon
Im not sure what else to say besides its probably worth a see if you want, but not much else.

Goodfellas   5/05/09
by Lennon
Ray Liotta (Field of Dreams) plays Henry Hill, a gangster working with his two pals, Jimmy Conway, played by Robert DeNiro (Raging Bull) with his usual mobster performance, and Tommy DeVito, played by Joe Pesci (Raging Bull), again with the usual mobster performance, as they move through the mobster hierarchy.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God   4/22/09
by Lennon
All in all, this movie was a pleasant surprise, and I think a true film buff should see it at least once.

Raiders of the Lost Ark   4/15/09
by Lennon
I think when I mentioned that I never saw any Jones movie, Yoda practically made me buy the set or be banned.

Fargo   4/14/09
by Lennon
Well, I reviewed this movie before (please don't look back there, it's embarrassing) and I may have hyperboled, a lot, but this movie is f*king awesome.

The Wild Bunch   4/12/09
by Lennon
Straw Dogs was the movie Peckinpah wrote after TWB, and I've got to say, that's where the movie lost me.

Dawn of the Dead   3/07/09
by Lennon
I'll say that the worst kind of movie is a horror movie without scares, that's why I dislike some slasher movies.

The Untouchables   3/04/09
by Lennon
Sure he made Dances with Wolves that basically stole the Best Picture Oscar from Goodfellas, and has been in loads of bad movies, but name one actor who hasn't been in some bad movies.

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