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So, here we have the new film in the Predator series. I have to say, I'm not especially impressed.

However, I'm not exactly disappointed either. The film succeeds modestly well at giving fans what they expect, and there are some nice surprises to keep it from becoming too formulaic.

I'm not much for plot description because readers can find out that stuff just by doing a simple online search themselves (besides, this film's story is well-known anyway), so I will focus on what I consider to be some of the strengths and weaknesses of the film.

My biggest problem with the film is the miscasting of Adrien Brody as Royce, the merc leader of the survivors. He simply does not belong in this movie. Though I respect him as an actor from his work in films like The Pianist, I just could not suspend disbelief and accept him as some badass mercenary type.

"Christ, this thing is heavy."

Perhaps he was meant to bring some added depth and credibility to the film, but I think the part would have been better suited to a more rugged actor, such as Jason Statham. Brody is a fine actor, but he's a bit scrawny and sensitive-looking to pull off this kind of role.

Other performances range from adequate to surprisingly good. In particular, Laurence Fishburne as a soldier suffering from PTSD, which was amusing although slightly over-the-top. The other performance I enjoyed was Topher Grace as a seemingly benign doctor who isn't as out of place amongst these professional killers as he first appears.

"I reckon that's one for the wall."

The film looks decent, although somewhat bland. The director, Nimrod Antal, doesn't really take advantage of the jungle setting or try to differentiate environments within the story. For a supposed alien world, there is nothing memorable whatsoever about the scenery.

The action sequences in the film are fairly well-done if not spectacular or numerous, and I managed to keep interest throughout despite their sparseness. Overall, I'd say the movie took itself a bit too seriously and that definitely hurt it.

Only YOU can prevent laser fires.

The predators themselves looked cool, but there wasn't enough of them. In fact, they hardly felt like part of the movie at all.

The ending was abrupt and unsatisfying, leaving unresolved the fates of two characters we were obviously intended to care for. The music during the credits was retarded and unfitting for what had occurred before it.

Rating: 6/10