Pan's Labyrinth   1/23/20
by TheUsualSuspect
Pan's Labyrinth is an excellent film, but I'm sure everyone is already aware of it as I'm late to the party.

Pan's Labyrinth   9/26/18
by Citizen Rules
Director: Guillermo del Toro Writer: Guillermo del Toro Cast: Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil, Sergi L Genre: Fantasy, Drama Language: Spanish

Pan's Labyrinth   7/15/18
by cricket
Guillermo del Toro is most definitely my go to guy for fantasy as I also thought highly of The Devil's Backbone and absolutely loved The Shape of Water.

Pan's Labyrinth   5/23/15
by Iroquois
Pan's Labyrinth is definitely a film that holds up reasonably well, and while I may not love it the way a lot of people do, it is still excellent and recommended to anyone who like their fantasy to have just the right amount of edge.

Pan's Labyrinth   12/13/13
by The Rodent
Year Of Release 2006 Director Guillermo Del Toro Producer Guillermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, Bertha Navarro, Frida Torresblanco, Alvaro Augustin Writer Guillermo Del Toro Cast Ivana Baquero, Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Ariadna Gil, Alex Angulo and Doug Jones with Pablo Adan as Narrator Notes Del Toro was inspired my many fairy tales for Pan's Labyrinth...

Pan's Labyrinth   12/19/10
by MovieMad16
Del Toro is a directorial genius and its this film that has put him on the map , if not already.

Pan's Labyrinth   4/08/08
by mark f
Set during the Spanish Civil War, the film tells the story of a terrifically scary and violent Captain (Sergi L ) who brings his pregnant wife (Ariadna Gil) and stepdaughter Ofelia (the beguiling Ivana Barquero) to his remote war compound where he and his men try to quash the nearby rebels.

Pan's Labyrinth   2/12/07
by Yoda
Pan's Labyrinth is not an easy film to watch, but it is extremely easy to recommend.

Pan's Labyrinth   1/27/07
by Darth Stujitzu
Del Toro manages to weave the two stories together masterfully, and there is enough on screen to keep you engaged throughout, a strong story, great visuals and fantastic performances, especially by Baquero, Lopez and Maribel Verdu as Mercedes, the mole in Vidal's camp, all help make a very enjoyable and worth-while film.

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