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2009 Director: Duncan Jones

Sam (Rockwell) works for the company that is responsible for producing most of the world's energy. Sounds like a great gig but there is a catch. He work on the moon, what's worse is he is stationed there for the duration of a three year contract with no interaction except for GERTY (Spacey) the computer that aids him in his work. Sam knows three years is too long, he desperately misses his wife and daughter. He has begun to have delusions, he tells GERTY he is worried because he has begun talking to himself. Things turn real bad when he takes a trip on a rover to fix a piece of machinery that has broken down. Sam crashes the rover and it is at this point that things start to become fuzzy not only for Sam but for the viewer.

Everything Moon is it owes to Rockwell. He is always a more than capable actor but outdoes himself in this role. The character he is playing goes through many extreme emotional states during the course of this film. Rockwell not only displays these emotions effectively but he keeps what could be an extreme character grounded enough that we continue to identify with him throughout the entire film. Spacey has a unique voice, one that doesn't always work to his advantage. It works perfectly here, the emoticons on GERTY are quite effective as well. Non-human characters are not an easy thing to pull off in film, but GERTY not only works it adds to the emotion of the film. If Moon has an issue it is in visuals. This was probably a low budget movie so I won't harp on it. I will say that everything inside the station is fine, everything outside the station less than fine.

Moon is a very effective character study. Grounded sci-fi is rare and Moon is better than most that have tried. Even the twists feel less jarring than they do in most movies. A must watch for any film fan.