Moon   5/28/16
by Gideon58
What director and story creator Duncan Jones does here is to create a science fiction adventure for the new millenium that is a valentine to the science fiction classics of the past, some of which were clearly an inspiration for some of what's here.

Moon   9/23/15
by Iroquois
There are a few other minor characters scattered throughout the film (I still can't help but be distracted by Matt Berry of Darkplace and IT Crowd fame appearing in a small role as one of Sam's bosses) but it is mostly a story that depends on the conflict between Sam 1, Sam 2, GERTY, and even the facility itself as its pristine hallways make it as much of a character (and a threat) as any actual personality.

Moon   10/17/14
by The Rodent
There's not a great deal happens in the first chunk of the film, we get to meet Sam and GERTY, learn their relationship, Sam's character and what he's there for and how some of the isolation has affected his character.

Moon   3/16/13
by seanc
Sam crashes the rover and it is at this point that things start to become fuzzy not only for Sam but for the viewer.

Moon   1/26/13
by JayDee
Conclusion With a powerhouse showing from Rockwell driving the film along I found this to be a great film from its debut director Duncan Jones.

Moon   5/09/11
by TheUsualSuspect
Duncan Jones is a filmmaker to look out for, I expect great things in his career and look forward to his third film.

Moon   11/15/10
by MovieMad16
there really is one actor in this whole film and its Sam Rockwell.

Moon   5/30/10
by iluv2viddyfilms
Moon is largely a one man show with lead actor Sam Rockwell playing a scientist on a three year contract to operate a moon station.

Moon   7/13/09
by Yoda
There, a mining worker named Sam Bell (played by his namesake, Sam Rockwell) is finishing up a three-year contract mining Helium-3, which we're told supplies 70% of the earth's energy.

Moon   7/11/09
by meatwadsprite
Sam Rockwell's one man show powerhouse sci-fi isolation picture.

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