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Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire (2998, Danny Boyle)


Is Danny Boyle the best director in the world right now? If not, I think he's certainly the most versatile.

Little more needs said about his breakthrough to the mainstream and this was my 3rd viewing, first on Blu Ray, but I'll try.

I didn't have huge hopes when the film was announced, to be honest - Written by the Full Monty bloke, starring the kid from Skins and produced by the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire people. It sounded like DB was a director for hire in a glossy advert for the world-conquering TV show.


Slumdog Millionaire is as poignant and vibrant a take on street kids as City of God is. All 9 young actors (3 each for the main roles) are fantastic and they're surely helped by the masterful director of children that Boyle is. See Millions for further indication.

Celador (run by Jasper 'Funky Moped' Carrot, I kid you not!) were pretty darned brave in depicting their cash cow in such a way. Yes, the film builds on the 'change your life' aspect (all the more apt considering the poverty-stricken upbringing of Jamal) but the backstage stuff with Anil Kapoor didn't have to be there.

The only person I can think of still working who uses music as effectively as Danny Boyle in his films is Scorsese, and that's a high recommendation.

In fact sonically, Slumdog Millionaire is as good as Trainspotting, Shallow Grave or 28 Days Later and thanks to Anthony Dod Mantle it looks almost perfect - The over-saturated colour palate is warm and unsettling in equal measure as we traverse the streets of Mumbai. It was a concious decision not to make the slums themselves an overtly threatening place (some of the people who dwell in them are another matter) and I think Boyle and Dod Mantle pulled it off effortlessly, especially in the opening shots of the film.

Oh yeah, that Full Monty bloke's screenplay isn't exactly bad either.

So, is Danny Boyle the best director in the world right now?

I suspect so but one thing I think more certain is that Freida Pinto is the most beautiful actress on the planet presently. She's only in a handful of scenes but illuminates every single one of them like a flare going off in a wardrobe.

Top work, Mr Boyle. Top top work.

I had to.