The Box   8/16/10
by Tacitus
[i]The Box[/i] is so badly telegraphed that it's in danger of growing a beard before the director decides to put us out of our misery with a bit of exposition.

Edge of Darkness   6/07/10
by Tacitus
It's watchable enough, is Edge of Darkness, but forgettable enough in equal measure.

Slumdog Millionaire   5/26/10
by Tacitus
Slumdog Millionaire is as poignant and vibrant a take on street kids as City of God is.

In the Loop   2/23/10
by Tacitus
...arch satire delicately painted with a brush as broad as Jim Gandolfini's trousers.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired   7/27/09
by Tacitus
[i]Wanted and Desired[/i] is fascinating - not regarding the sordid details (all of which, I assume, are covered here) but in the way it approaches the legal machinations of how to try and sentence a very famous man.

Sicko   2/11/08
by Tacitus
There are many more skilful and subtle documentary filmmakers out there but few, if any, who get people actually talking. And talking, it seems to me, is what we need to be doing on this issue.

Glory to the Filmmaker!   2/10/08
by Tacitus
In summation, then, [I]Kantoku - Banzai[/I] reminded me of Monty Python's [I]Meaning of Life[/I] - A succession of disparate sketches hung on one tenuous hook. Heck, there's even a Gilliam-esque animation sequence and the closing [I]Glory To The Filmmaker[/I] title comes straight out of [I]Life of Brian[/I].

Sunshine   9/26/07
by Tacitus
Danny Boyle? He seems equally confident and successful in a variety of genres. Dare I say it but, in terms of mainstream film directors there aren't many better right now.

Deja Vu   6/17/07
by Tacitus
I sat through [I]Deja Vu[/I] til the end, laughing out loud in places at the plot and grimacing at the camerawork, and when the credits began to roll I thought to myself: Has Jerry Bruckheimer become even [I]more[/I] excessive since the death of his coke-fuelled cartoonish sidekick Don Simpson?

Orson Welles: The One-Man Band   6/09/07
by Tacitus
An interesting, if slightly melancholy, look at the final years of one of the greatest mavericks to grace the silver screen.

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