The Box   8/16/10
by Tacitus
Now, Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are hardly the most expressive of actors at the best of times and in a film that compels the both of them to spend long periods staring blankly into space hardly plays to their strengths (does James Marsden have any strengths to begin with?).

Edge of Darkness   6/07/10
by Tacitus
As I'd recently watched the BBC version again, my thoughts on Campbell's (the director of the 1986 series too) remake were probably a bit coloured but, hey, it's a cover version so these things are fair game in my book.

Slumdog Millionaire   5/26/10
by Tacitus
The only person I can think of still working who uses music as effectively as Danny Boyle in his films is Scorsese, and that's a high recommendation.

In the Loop   2/23/10
by Tacitus
The film's not entirely the Peter Capaldi show but he bestrides it like a colossal, sweary ferret and, of course, gets the lion's share of the best lines, such as:

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired   7/27/09
by Tacitus
Like the majority of film fans I'd known about the reason he doesn't return to the US but I hadn't sought out to read about it in great detail - The Smoking Gun and other websites of that ilk have never really done anything for me.

Sicko   2/11/08
by Tacitus
Of course, this wouldn't be a Michael Moore film without some embarrassingly low brow stunts and my stomach took a slight lurch whenever that boat launched for Cuba...

Glory to the Filmmaker!   2/10/08
by Tacitus
Around the film's half-way point, Kantoku - Banzai shifts focus towards just one film, the supposed Sci Fi thriller The Promised Day, and this is where things take a marked turn.

Sunshine   9/26/07
by Tacitus
Dare I say it but, in terms of mainstream film directors there aren't many better right now.

Deja Vu   6/17/07
by Tacitus
While The Geordie Michael Bay's previous couple of films have included some of the most unnecessary editing tricks, lens filters and camera flourishes ever to have been forced on a cinema audience, the less restrained member of the Scott family must have thought that all his birthdays had come at once when presented with a film where all this widdly sh*t is supposedly central to the plot.

Orson Welles: The One-Man Band   6/09/07
by Tacitus
The films were shown in the roughest possible cut and the incoherent quality made me wish that the man had had even semi-reputable backers.

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