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The Wild Bunch


Have you ever had those movies people say are freakin' awesome, but when you see it it's less so? Yeah, this is what happened to this movie and pretty much any western ever. I just don't like westerns to much. I mean Good the Bad the Ugly's good, 3:10 to Yuma remake was pretty awesome, but that's where my western goodness ends. They don't just click for me, if I want a shootout; I prefer the more militaristic "NO MAN GETS LEFT BEHIND!" look.

The best part was the acting, defiantly. William Holden looks like a badass, but looks well enough that he could be more than an action star. Ernest Borgnine too, if he's not trying to be comedic. The rest of the cast do well, nothing stood out to much.

I liked the directing though. Sam Peckinpah did well, especially considering this was one of his first feature film directing jobs. His transitions into flashbacks, how you're into it, but not completely and how you can just as quickly go back to present time. I've got to say, Straw Dogs does look interesting, I'll have to check it out one of these days.

Straw Dogs was the movie Peckinpah wrote after TWB, and I've got to say, that's where the movie lost me. I mean some scenes were interesting (how they mess with what could be a huge player in Mexico) but a lot just seemed dead weight (partying in the first town they get to.) I mean I know this movie lost my attention more than once, but I don't think those scenes had anything really important (besides leading into other scenes.) And I just got bored, a lot throughout.

So, not much else to say, I was hoping to say more since I am kind of ragging on a supposed classic but, well, Holden Pike's probably coming at me for this one, but yeah. 2 down, 98 to go.