The Wild Bunch   9/21/15
by Iroquois
The Bunch are the type of protagonists that only seem heroic by default due to how horrible everyone else is (with the possible exception of Deke); Angel is the closest the film gets to having a wholly sympathetic character due to his wishing to save the people of his village from Mapache but that d...

The Wild Bunch   2/11/14
by Holden Pike
Why The Wild Bunch is immortal to me is not because of the celebrated/condemned violence, but due to its poetic odes to friendship, honor, and the futility of outrunning progress, all wrapped in an adventure story about laughing outlaws, daring robberies, and messy gunfights that helps to shatter ma...

The Wild Bunch   4/12/09
by Lennon

The Wild Bunch   8/12/08
by meatwadsprite
Even with the awesome shootouts though , I still can't recommend this movie. It's lacking characters blend together and the story fails to be exciting because of it.

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