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DAY 117: December 28th, 2008.

The Pianist

It took me this long to actually watch the entire film, not because I couldn't, or wouldn't, but simply because it was never a top priority. After watching the whole thing, I can't believe how stupid I was. This film is an experience everyone should have, the horrors of the war and the holocaust are nothing easy to view and this film doesn't side step the subject matter either.

The Pianist is no Schindler's List, but it never tries to. It's no second rate Schindler either, it's telling it's own story and the two are powerful on their own merits. Polanski even adds in his own personal experiences, thus making it more personal.

Adrien Brody is astonishing. I was upset he won he the Oscar, even though I didn't see the film at that time. Now after viewing it, I am satisfied. He gives a heartbreaking performance and seeing his transformation from start to finish shows the dedication Brody took to this role.

The film does not tread lightly on the subject matter either, there are numerous scenes that will shock the viewer. I gasped a couple times and could only imagine what some of the characters were thinking at the time, specifically the scene in which the German officer had to reload his gun just to shoot the man on the ground.

My favourite shot is when Brody is walking down the isolated street, full of luggage and personal belongings, crying over the death of his family, as it rains down ash. Amazing work.