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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

DAY 22: September 22nd, 2008.

South Park: Bigger Larger & Uncut

I have an odd relationship with South Park. I never watch the show when it is on, yet I own the first two seasons on DVD. I find the show funny, but never watch it consistently enough to get the jokes that my friends make when they refer to an episode. I've never seen the film until now too. I get the appeal it has, but I just never really got into it.

The film, as is with any film adaptation from a TV show plays out like a longer episode from the series. This time there is a war against CANADA because of a film that contains foul language. Why a war? Well, the kids are swearing. That is it. The film is basically Matt Stone and Trey Parker's thoughts on the current state of censorship with the MPAA and the films they rate.

For a cartoon, yes it has a wide variety of curse words, which are spoken by kids in grade school. There is violence, blood and guts grace the screen in a hospital (with cameo voice acting from George Clooney) and the final war scene between Canada and the States. There is also a bit of nudity, which is their version of heaven.

I laughed more at the subtle humour then the in your face bits. I didn't find myself laughing at the language they use which is one of the main draws (damn those young teenage boys who like swear words). There is a smart film here, but when you listen to it, it sounds like it was written to two 15 years olds who think every bad word is funny.

Did I forget to mention it is a musical? The musical numbers are nice and sometimes funny. Hell, one earned an Oscar nomination. Sometimes the humour in the film is so random that it's funny, like a Skeet Ulrich poster above Satan's bed. I don't know who would think up of something like that, but it works.

If you're a fan of the show, this film will appeal to you. If not, I would suggest looking elsewhere. I dug it for what it was, but Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done better and funnier things.