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About Schmidt (1 viewing)

Plot : A newley retired man's (Jack Nicholson) life seems pretty dull - untill his wife dies.

Story : A great introduction to a seemingly happy or settled character who you really don't know - you are instantly thrown into his actuall thoughts which you probably would have never expected. He is one of the most realistic , thought out characters you'll see in a film : which is the strong part of this movie. It's story isn't very out of the box aside from it's character , and some twists are highly predictable along with it's ending. Although it's predictable story is highly surpassed by it's depthfull characters. Warren Schmidt has just retired from his job - which he really didn't want to quit : and begins his boring retirement. We see that he is sick of his wife , but soon after he expresses his feelings about her she dies : he then sets out on his Winebago on a road trip. With his daughters wedding coming up , he tries to stop her from marrying a man who he dosen't like , though his relationship with his daughter is weak.

Visuals : Pretty good for the most part , but mostly dominated by duller colors and never really has an amazing shots.

Sypnosis : A great character to see a movie about.