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The VVitch

With a friend of mine seeing The Lighthouse and putting it at the top of her list of movies this year, she wanted to see what Eggers had done previously, so we watched The Witch. A family is outed from their community over religious differences and build their own home on some land near the woods. After their infant son disappears the family goes into a downward spiral and their daughter blames a witch from the woods.

I had to watch this one with subtitles as the characters spoke true to the times and dialect. It helped immensely and I know that he incorporates similar things to The Lighthouse. The Witch isn't scary, it's just a little unsettling. One by one this family falls apart and it's somewhat a slap to the face of religion, intentionally or not. With modern horror films relying on the classic jump scares and blood to entertain or incorporate "gotcha" moments, The Witch was a surprisingly refreshing slow burn of a film that eats away at you from the inside.

Hey Matt, vvhy is it called The VVitch instead of The Witch. VVell, back in the day, vvhich vvas a VVednesday, in order to save on typeface, they vvould simply use a double V instead of vvasting money on creating a W. Even the title stays true to the times....

Also...hell yeah thou wants to live deliciously.