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I had always wanted to check out Heathers and when teen school theme hit, this was the perfect opportunity to knock it off my list. Added bonus, none of us had seen this film, so we were all fresh eyes.

Heather's is a dark and subversive comedy that would never get made today. Heck, they tried to make a television series just a few years ago and it was cancelled before it even aired. Teens, schools and killings are too topical these days in the states that it's hard to push a film looking at these topics through a darkly comedic yet introspective lens. Killing off other students and making them look like suicides is a tricky rope to walk on, but Heathers pulls it off with a dip into absurd comedy here and a dive into look at our culture there.

Heathers had a lot to say and people didn't seem to listen back then. It has since gained a cult following and is a film that people hear about before seeing it. Heathers know how to lampoon a demographic and how to talk to another.