Heathers   9/30/19
by TheUsualSuspect
Killing off other students and making them look like suicides is a tricky rope to walk on, but Heathers pulls it off with a dip into absurd comedy here and a dive into look at our culture there.

Heathers   2/19/19
by Chypmunk
Heathers is quite a fun watch that has stood the test of time reasonably well (if anything it's even more topical now with the penchant for taking one's own inadequacies out on school children) but it does fall short in the final furlong for me and as such I'll award it a

Heathers   1/16/16
by Iroquois
This also extends to the wide variety of characters who rise above the usual high-school stereotypes and become distinctive in their own ways - any film where even the smallest of characters can be considered notable parts of the film can easily qualify for cult success, and a cast that includes characters like Martha Dumptruck or Big Bud Dean is definitely such a film.

Heathers   8/10/14
by skivvy69
This is one of the films first and foremost points as it satirizes not only the stereotypical John Hughes-esque teen movies that were startlingly popular at the time of Heathers release in 1988, but society and the high school experience in general.

Heathers   5/16/06
by kinglear
But technically, Veronica should have been the next in line to replace Heather Chandler, because Veronica is stronger than Heather Duke and Heather McNamara, and the one that Heather Chandler confided in the most.

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