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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

The amount of hype and anticipation for this movie was insane. There was no way it was going to please everyone, right? Avengers: Endgame manages to pull off the nearly impossible and end the Marvel Saga on a high note. We get bittersweet endings for some characters, tragic ones for others and potential future endeavours for the rest. Avengers: Endgame is a great film and the biggest film to hit cinemas in a decade.

After the "snap", the world has fallen into a constant state of depression, but an opportunity presents itself to the remaining Avengers to possibly undo what Thanos has done. They must get everyone back together to achieve the impossible and restore the lives that were lost.

I was a fan of the "fan service" that was in Infinity War. It was basically a non-stop 2 1/2 hour action film with cool sequences, poses and ideas. We got to see Thanos attack Iron Man with a freaking planet for crying out loud. Images and thoughts I never could have imagined on the screen for a superhero film. Then it ended with an Empire Strikes Back style cliffhanger. One that everyone and their mother knew wouldn't last, but a 'bold' choice nonetheless. Now we fall right back into the story with Endgame and it manages to pull off quite a few surprises.

It's extremely difficult to talk about the film without going into detailed spoilers about the plot. The entire middle section of the film was kept under wraps from everyone. I went into this film knowing virtually nothing about it. Only that the avengers would most likely use the Quantum Realm to go back in time and stop Thanos. We get that, but in addition to this, we get a lot of quiet character scenes that you wouldn't really expect in a big budget action superhero film like this. Thor has one scene in particular that I liked and I bet that most people would think the film could do without. I also appreciated that the Russo's let us sit in that depressed state at the beginning of the film. They don't really gloss over the loss, we get to experience it. I would have liked to have stewed in it a few moments longer, but the emotional response is indeed there.

Once we get into the second act, that's when a lot of the comedy, fan service and cool moments happen. Despite the sombre introduction to this film, it is indeed genuinely hilarious. One of the funniest films in the entire Marvel series. Fan service can be annoying when done abrasively, I found the bits in this film to be threaded well enough into the story to be enjoyable. Do you need to see the previous films to get a lot of them? Of course you do. This is the accumulation of over 20 films for crying out loud.

Endgame made me excited, emotional, annoyed and eager to see where Marvel goes next. It ends the Infinity Saga the only way it could have. The next film will act as a denouement if you will. Whatever comes next won't be on the same epic scale, at least I hope they don't try to "up" Endgame. Instead they need to pivot in a new direction and give us something different. So far the Marvel films have been positive for me and I fully expect the next ride to be just as enjoyable. The heavy hitters in this series gave their all and have "passed the torch". The people continuing on are ones that I will gladly enjoy the ride with.