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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo

"Whatever it takes."

Like a lot of people, I've been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception. I remember going to see Iron Man in theaters without actually being a fan, and I came out completely satisfied. Superhero filmsare up my alley, and for a while I thought The Avengers, released in 2012 was the greatest superhero movie I had ever seen due to the film getting very easily into the spirit of a superhero film. But a different movie gave me a unique experience that I had never felt watching a movie before, one of heart-wrenching pain, pure satisfaction, and trembling at how the ending would go: Avengers: Endgame

To end this era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers are mostly disbanded, and many of them were killed at the snap of a finger by Thanos, the intergalactic tyrant. Five years have passed and the people who disappeared are still gone. However, a glimmer of hope returns in the form of Scott Lang / Ant-Man, who survived the whole ideal. Now that the possibility of resurrecting the dead has been awoken after five years, the Captain calls on Tony Stark and the remaining Avengers to find the Infinity Stones again and undo what Thanos had done, and defeat him once and for all.

This movie is three-hours long (as I should have expected), so I expected some of it to be slow. None of it was. For a three-hour movie, Every scene was so vital that actually standing up to go to the bathroom halfway through the movie hurt for two reasons: I held it as long as I could, and everything was playing out to perfectly for me to ever want to miss anything about the movie. Even the fight-scenes were vital. Believe it or not, I was getting a little tired during Infinity War, which left the souls and hearts of people around the world with a large and empty hole that people wanted filled like a gut that had no food for a week. I didn't get tired at all during this one. That's special, if you ask me.

Believe it or not, the movie is not exclusively fight-scenes. In fact, for a three-hour flick with no intermission and a large cast, there was plenty of room for character development, and the film as packed with it. Having to see how the Avengers were living after failing so long ago was a part of the heartache. One of the opening scenes begins with two polar opposites: another heart-wrenching plot point, and a moment where we all get satisfied for even a few seconds. Put the two together, you've got a reason to hang on to a dramatic movie for three hours at a time.

The movie does incorporate time travel, and has moments involving major characters from other MCU films. While they're on screen for only a couple of minutes, they are put to the best usage the movie can incorporate. Mild spoiler: Tilda Swinton's character as the Ancient One can be seen in this film. The moments involving the Ancient One from Doctor Strange was one of the best scenes the MCU had filmed and featured an amazing acting role from Tilda Swinton, as expected.

The action sequences were nothing short of incredible. The ending fight scene with Thanos (I don't really think I'm spoiling anything by saying this since anyone with half-a-brain and a shred of previous MCU knowledge would figure that part out) was one of the greatest fights in the entire series, and the way that the entire scene ended the fight was absolutely perfect. Both in terms of what the story was delivering and how the film succeeded or suffered from it, I think the only person who could have thought of a better way to end that scene would be GOD. The scene took into account several previous plot points from earlier on in the film and turned them into huge twists which defined everything. And the characters are all where they should be in the end, for the most part.

There is an expected flaw with the movie, but it doesn't hurt the quality at all believe it or not. For one thing, like, say, The End of Evangelion, you'd be asking for a very confusing experience if you decided to start with this movie. You must watch some of the MCU movies here to get what's going on. It's not a standalone movie at all, but everyone knew it wouldn't be so I won't criticize that.

Overall, Avengers: Endgame not only delivered every promise the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films made for it, but many of the promises were delivered in very unexpected ways that kept the movie exciting, heart-breaking, and somehow very satisfying. Every character felt in place with this film, the plot twists were not at all hamfisted or typical MCU formula, and the end result is only going to make me want to see every future MCU movie in theaters now, even though a glorious era has ended with this film. Avengers, you were the best thing to happen to the world of cinema since Luke Skywalker. You will always be with us, no matter where you are.