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Three Colors: Blue

'Three Colours : Blue' (1993)

Masterful direction from one of the masters. I'm beginning to see why Kieslowski is so well thought of. The lighting, editing and camera work is quite something. And Juliette Binoche's performance in this movie, playing a grieving woman named Julie who's suffered heartbreakign tradgedy, is nothing short of incredible.

There was a scene where she dives into a swimming pool but disapears under the water for what seemed like ages. I could feel msyelf holding my breath. Will she ever come up? Is this signifying a deep mental state from which she might not recover? Then suddenly she appears right infront of the camera as it ceases panning around (as if looking for Julie). She's literally just about keeping her head above water.

The fade to black editing which seems to convey her difficulty in making any sort of decisions due to her nihilistic outlook on life since the tragedy is mesmerising. And the incorporation of the music composition into the film was just perfect.

The movie itself doesn't have a whole load of intense plot to get your teeth into. But instead, the visuals just make you constantly analyse Julie's state of mind, her unwillingness to adapt to a new life and her ultimate battle to stay afloat. There were a couple of subplots that I didn't quite grab, perhaps a little too challenging for me, namely the "mistress" and the unification of Europe as a theme. I'm not sure what angle Kieslowski was coming from on these, perhaps they will become clearer with repeat viewings. But overall, a beautiful film.

Can't wait to see the next 2 installments.