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Monsters, Inc.
"Pixar theme" #4

Here is a movie that seems to monstrously increase in quality with every new viewing. I always liked it, certain aspects I loved, but I do really think this is one of the very best movies from Pixar, which makes it even worse when the general response isn’t quite up there with the likes of ‘Toy Story’ and such. Because this movie did for monsters in the closet what ‘Toy Story’ did for toys on the floor and moreover the concept for ‘Monsters, Inc.’ seem even more ingenious than what came before.

In many ways, it is a more diverse and dangerous movie to make, because it puts the monsters in the closet on display – which many children fear – and even though they do turn things around, the monsters start out exactly how we perceive them and “evil ones” are still essentially evil and therefore will perhaps continue to cement themselves in the minds of the children. That said, I do think that Pixar builds it up nicely, even things out, and then wraps it all up well in the end, so that most children should walk away being less scared of monsters in their rooms.

As I said, the overall response for this movie is a tiny bit “less” than the greatest successes of the studio, yet this might be a greater achievement than those in question, mainly because ‘Monsters, Inc’. is so inventive and creative and really sets out to make something original and outstanding within cinema and not just within children’s cinema. The whole deal about monsters living in a world beyond ours, living children’s fear by collecting their screams, which is then used as energy to power the entire monster universe. That is truly Pixar at their finest and their best – always taking ideas and concepts to the next level in a way that can even make the parents excited.

The movie hooks you from the start with the beautiful traditionally animated opening credits set to jazzy music from Pixar-favorite, Randy Newman. From there, the premise is made clear within the first few minutes and the main characters are introduced only a few seconds later, while the rest of the movie moves forward in a well-timed pace, until it reaches the dazzling “door distress” of a climax, taking place inside the factory. Once again, the voice acting is top notch, with the likes of John Goodman, Billy Crystal and Steve Buscemi delivering A-grade performances that really shows us that animated characters can be so filled with life that they almost feel real.

Apart from all that, the animation is great, the humor is warm and wicked enough to keep things exciting and the story is heartfelt and touching in a subtle yet satisfying way. All this is incorporated nicely into ‘Monsters, Inc’, which certinaly broke down some doors in connection to how animated children movies are made and director Pete Docter continues to be one of the most interesting minds working at Disney/Pixar to this day... For me personally, this movie definitely moved up a few notches on my ranking list…