Monsters, Inc.   1/18/20
by Citizen Rules
If I had my druthers, when the human child first entered the world of the monsters, the child would have been lost there and the friendly monsters Sully and his sidekick would have had to search high and low through monster-world for the wayward kid.

Monsters, Inc.   10/09/19
by ahwell
Of course Pixar loves to have a quirky twist and what's more fun than to make the monsters the protagonists, the creatures that rely on kid's fears for their energy?

Monsters, Inc.   7/05/18
by SmudgeEFC1985
Monsters Inc (2001)

Monsters, Inc.   9/19/17
by MovieMeditation
In many ways, it is a more diverse and dangerous movie to make, because it puts the monsters in the closet on display which many children fear and even though they do turn things around, the monsters start out exactly how we perceive them and evil ones are still essentially evil and therefore will...

Monsters, Inc.   8/04/15
by Gideon58
The childhood concept of a monster in the closet is turned completely inside out and given a fresh and futuristic veneer in Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc., an overly intricate story that provides an ecological message blended with a fish out of water story but it also touches on classic cinematic mess...

Monsters, Inc.   7/11/12
by The Rodent
"Sulley" Sullivan and Michael "Mike" Wazowski are two Monsters who work together at a Power Plant that harvests childrens' screams as energy.

Monsters, Inc.   11/16/10
by MovieMad16
While in my eyes it is nowhere near Toy Story, Monsters Inc is a very very enjoyable film.

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