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December 14th



I just talked about how 然eservoir Dogs was a riveting debut with a plot structure and style
later more or less perfected with Tarantino痴 sophomore effort, 善ulp Fiction...

Now, with 遷ackie Brown, Quentin Tarantino takes his third round inside the somber chamber of the crime genre, which also happens to be the first film and to this date only film not based on an original idea from the mind of the man himself. The script is Tarantino痴 own and it shows, while the story isn稚 and that unfortunately also shows

遷ackie Brown is a lengthy, lush crime-drama with the usual, uncut spoken leeway of the main characters, who talk about nothing of importance, while also telling us something important along the way as well a little something known as the 典arantino transcription tactic, which he later perfected in 選nglourious Basterds and perhaps to some minds overdid. Anyways, the point is that all the Tarantino pinpoints can be pointed out here and it looks, sounds and feels pretty much like any Tarantino movie just not a full-blooded one, in my opinion, and that has to do primarily with the story. This is undoubtedly a long feature, but that has never truly been a fault with this director痴 films, since he usually entertains and stimulates our minds plenty, so that we don稚 care much when the credits suddenly roll. But with 遷ackie Brown the does not roll, it drags, and Tarantino struggles with making a novel into a movie without making a novel out of his movie along the way. What I mean is that Tarantino seems to deliver what appears to be his classic loose dialogue, which now seems to be missing the tight grip that made us all invested in everything from blabbering to basic information to begin with.

Usually a Tarantino picture doesn稚 bore me at all, but 遷ackie Brown is on the verge of doing so several times throughout. There is an interesting little mystery in here but it gets lost in pot smoke and strenuous scenes of blabbering, which really doesn稚 feel rewarding for its overlong 2 hours and 34 minutes worth of running time. And even if the characters are still pretty strong in their own right, they do pale a little next to other Tarantino flicks, in my opinion. But they are still fun enough to follow, the soundtrack is still awesome and the dialogue still keeps me more invested than not. Yet, despite coming together more towards the end, it still doesn稚 make up for the fact that I feel sort of hollow inside after watching 遷ackie Brown. It is really missing that edge and that energy that usually comes with a Tarantino movie, at least that痴 how I see it