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Everest (2015)

Baltasar Kormákur

This is a typical Hollywood “hommage to a hero” movie. It is clear from how the movie present itself, from emotional crescendo, from all that sympathy to the protagonists, from the real photos with description at the end of the movie. A viewer supposed to think of these guys as heros who achieved or almost achieved something magnificent in their lives. It is also clear from the budget and cast the film makers used. However they made a huge mistake focusing very little on characters and making them look like a bunch of …

Saying this, every inch of my soul screams „No!“. There is no one single hero in this movie except maybe the helicopter pilot who was willing to risk his life and pick up Beck Weathers (quite ironic surname). There's absolutely nothing to admire about this irresponsible bunch of idiots who tried to be be the masters of Universe and died leaving behind widows and half orphans. And for what?! Just like Jon Krakauer was asking „Why Everest?“ and none of them could actually answer that question. „Because I can“. Well amazing answer. Yes, I can do anything but the will, physics and experience are too little. You need to be equipped with much more. You need discipline, respect, healthy portion of modesty and virtues. Here I must say I don't want to judge all mountaineers. Please do not translate my thoughts on this movie „all those who climbed Mount Everest are irresponsible“ as I admire Reinhold Messner but that's the guy who grew up in mountains and from early age was climbing Dolomites. He was indeed ready for ascents of peaks over 8,000 meters.

I didn't have any sympathy with any of the characters. They are all like these cocky, arogant and selfish characters trying to prove their vanity. It is pretty much film makers' fault. They have dedicated to each character so little and all we know is the following:
  • Rob Hall is a husband that leaves behind his pregnant wife only to guide a bunch of rich guys willing to pay $65,000 Dollars after so much experience he still doesn't have the right respect and authority to lead a group. Then he dies and leaves his family fatherless.
  • Beck Weathers is a stubborn and arrogant person very quick in reminding how much he had to pay for it and demanding impossible. Yes, he said he likes to climb so he doesn't feel that dark cloud following him (apparently depressed) however is this the only way how to heal depression? I don't think so otherwise all peaks would be full of ill people and shrinks would have lost their jobs.
  • Scott Fisher is a washed up mountaineer always kind of derogating the situation and going beyond the possible. He is not a responsible person to lead a group to Mount Everest, always with a bottle of hard liquer and smart talk.

And I could continue like this. It is not my fault that film makers compromised between amazing camera and character depiction. I must admit the camera is amazing. All those beautiful mountain scenes, weather, it was surely hard work with the camera but they forgot about characters.

I think all those who died in 1996 Mount Everest disaster are spinning in their graves after how they were depicted in this movie. I rate it 5/10 for a good camera and arts. Other than that I am very disappointed. It could be done much better.