Battle Royale   6/26/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
speaking of example how come all those 40 students were surprised and it was obvious they have never heard about Battle Royale, except one student who said he is the survivor of the previous battle

Day of Wrath   6/18/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
Then Absalon's mother who hates the guts of Anne and she can see her true colours.

Everest   6/18/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
Please do not translate my thoughts on this movie all those who climbed Mount Everest are irresponsible as I admire Reinhold Messner but that's the guy who grew up in mountains and from early age was climbing Dolomites.

Hidden Figures   6/07/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
Hidden Figures nicely revealed Hidden Figures is a movie filmed in 2016, in US, directed by (to me unknown) Theodore Melfi.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring   6/06/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
We observe the life of two saints (please note we don't know the names of the two Buddhist monks as it is utterly irrelevant because the Buddhist liberation or salvation lies on to free oneself from endless suffering and existence), an old monk and spiritual leader and a boy monk his apprentice.

The Mothman Prophecies   5/19/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
Very nicely a lady cop character Connie is trying to explain to John to drop that madness and return to a normal life, to enjoy a life, to find happiness and not to dwell on sadness and despair.

The Cremator   5/17/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
This movie is so true, especially nowadays, full of extremism and ill teachings and ideologies.

Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai   5/15/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
Because all those movies goes into the character.

Heart of a Lion   3/10/17
by Nestorio_Miklos
The movie is about Teppo, Nazi looser, who falls in love with a woman, Sari.

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