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Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road directed by George Miller

I only have three words for Mad Max Fury Road, oh my goodness...well that's a toned down version of what we were saying as we left the cinema...

George Miller has overseen a mighty revitalisation of his Mad Max series. One in which he has taken the core of the original Max and breathed into it all the technical capabilities the 21st century has given to filming especially the abilities to shoot using digital cameras that can really get into the heart of the action. He's kept any cgi to touch ups and very long shots. These vehicles have weight and are real cobbled together junkyard monsters. These guys are stuntmen and acrobats. This is a film that feels visceral and will have you ducking in your seat as the clash of metal fills your ears.
Tom Hardy as Max is almost mute, in fact the whole film is, but you don't miss speech when your whole vista is filled with such visual treats as a guy suspended on the front of a wagon playing heavy metal guitar as they go into battle!

I'd say Charlene Theron as Furiosa has more of an emotional range than Max as its her story really which is the basis of the storyline. She plays it beautifully too, tough yet vulnerable. The women are great in the film, from the girls who are set free from their horrendous chasity belts to the grizzled older warriors they meet on the way - some of whom I recognise from Aussie soaps from way back..nice touch.

I've avoided reading anything about this film so I could watch it with no prior knowledge. It did strike me half away through that the warboys who are the young men born post apocalypse who are being bred to fight and are promised to enter Valhalla are chillingly comparable to the youngsters who are going to fight today for ISIS. It's a comparison that has to be deliberate, and is actually quite heartrending when you see the youngster Nux realise what he's been promised is all a sham.

This is an immense piece of entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat for two solid hours without you even thinking about the time. It's one long breathtaking car chase and I loved it! Miller has done a splendid job, I couldn't pick one hole in it