The Brand New Testament   8/28/16
by christine
The film's flights of whimsical fantasy wont be for everyone but Im thinking if you liked Amelie then youll probably like The Brand New Testament.

Kes   8/19/15
by christine
I see now that Kes isnt going to make the Mofo top 100 of the 1960s which is a terrible shame as it rightly is viewed in Britain as one of the very best of the 60s, indeed the BFI (British Film Institute) has it as number 7 in the best British films of any decade.

Li'l Quinquin   7/14/15
by christine
The film is set in the Northern French countryside, a land of small villages and close knit people who don't take that kindly to strangers - I know I've been there a lot!

Mad Max: Fury Road   5/14/15
by christine
Tom Hardy as Max is almost mute, in fact the whole film is, but you don't miss speech when your whole vista is filled with such visual treats as a guy suspended on the front of a wagon playing heavy metal guitar as they go into battle!

Spider   3/17/15
by christine
However the construction of the film is very clever, and when you start to think about people you see like Spider out on the streets then the story has a visceral sadness.

The Lunchbox   1/06/15
by christine
This is Ritesh Batra's first feature film, and is an accomplished gem in which the always dependable Irrfan Khan plays the lead Sagaan.

The Day the Earth Caught Fire   8/25/14
by christine
The film is set in the contemporary London of the very early 60s, and uses the device of the newspaper office to give the film the excitement of facts being rooted out by investigation and leaks, then being published in that days edition.

The Innocents   8/25/14
by christine
The 11 year old Pamela Franklin would go on to play in many more films, while Martin Stephens played more roles but quit acting while still a kid.

The Missing Picture   6/02/14
by christine
Cambodia has little in the way of film or photos of that devastating time, hence the title of his film.

Outrage   5/24/14
by christine
Also plenty of things that make you feel at home in yakuza films - loads of men standing around in snappy dark suits, the women who are ornamental only, the trainee yakuza in white trackies, the seemingly benevolent Chairman relaxing with his minions surrounding him, the lack of empathy, the sudden ...

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