Mad Max: Fury Road   6/06/18
by aronisred
DiCaprio level star power has been displayed twice and thats with Tom Hanks for close to 2 decades between 1990s and 2010s almost all his movie has same amount of box office pull to them and but most closest to it was Russell Crowe for two movies the gladiator and beautiful mind...those two movies c...

Mad Max: Fury Road   7/17/16
by BraedenG33
Mad Max: Fury Road is one of those movies that only comes along once in a very long while and will be talked about for years to come.

Mad Max: Fury Road   2/29/16
by Omnizoa
It's a shame too because this whole mess happens right around when Furiosa gets stabbed which I think is the best part of the movie, and now I'm suddenly distracted by the thought of, "Who the **** is this masked guy who's suddenly the most dangerous character in the movie and his mere presence warp...

Mad Max: Fury Road   1/25/16
by Optimus
Its exciting from the moment the movie starts till the moment the movie it finishes.

Mad Max: Fury Road   6/30/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
It's easily one of the best sci-fi action films ever made (though The Road Warrior will always take a place in my heart).

Mad Max: Fury Road   6/25/15
by Nope1172
To me Mad Max: Fury Road did not feel like a Mad Max film, it felt like a post-apocalyptic action movie that was heavily inspired by the trilogy.

Mad Max: Fury Road   6/07/15
by JayDee
Film Trivia Snippets - There is a fan theory doing the rounds that the Max in this film is not the same Max as played by Mel Gibson.

Mad Max: Fury Road   5/30/15
by MovieMeditation
When it comes down to the three original films from the mad world of Max Rockatansky, I wouldnt exactly call myself a major fan, though I still consider the second film a total blast, and definitely my favorite from the franchise as well.

Mad Max: Fury Road   5/18/15
by grampaglasses
An action movie that transcends its inherent roots of not being taken too seriously, and inject in it cinematografic art.

Mad Max: Fury Road   5/17/15
by The Gunslinger45
The Mad Max films were never expensive films to make.

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