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Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie View All


Steve McQueen (Screenplay), Steve McQueen (Director), Abi Morgan (Screenplay) View All

Release: Oct. 2nd, 2011
Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Brandon, a thirty-something man living in New York, eludes intimacy with women but feeds his deepest desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his younger sister temporarily moves into his apartment, stirring up bitter memories of their shared painful past, Brandon's life, like his fragile mind, gets out of control…
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So when his mind is presented with love instead of pure and utter lust, his body has nothing familiar to go on, and like his erection, his addiction leaves him weak and helpless when he tries to have sex with someone he really loves.
Daniel M
Whether it is an extended long take of Brandon purposely running from right to left of the screen (to convoy negativity) to classic music, Brandon walking around full frontal, or Carey Mulligan singing for what felt like half the film, every scene seems so purposefully constructed and pretentious, w....
Love the scenes of Brandon having sex with women against open windows, as well as the possibility of what might be going on between Brandon and his sister.