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The Ring


Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman, Brian Cox View All


Gore Verbinski (Director), Ehren Kruger (Screenplay), Hiroshi Takahashi (Screenplay) View All

Release: Oct. 18th, 2002
Runtime: 1 hour, 55 minutes
It sounded like just another urban legend: A videotape filled with nightmarish images, leading to a phone call foretelling the viewer's death in exactly seven days. As a newspaper reporter, Rachel Keller was naturally skeptical of the story, until four teenagers all met with mysterious deaths exactly one week after watching just such a tape. Allowing her investigative curiosity to get the better of her, Rachel tracks down the video... and...
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It was a good theatre experience for me and despite the film not exactly matching up with repeat viewings, still manages to send a chill or two down a spin.
There are some positive things in the film too: acting is quite good, Samara is kinda decent character (is anyone surprised?) and the famous television scene looks fine (but for some reason it's not as creepy as the original).
The film tries to replicate the visual style laid down by the original complete with VHS-like flickers and tracking effects but also renders events in washed-out shades of blue-green so as to lend its own style to proceedings, which is a decent enough attempt to differentiate itself from the origina....
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