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The Ring

(Gore Verbinksi)

I remember seeing this film in the theatre and the girls near me screaming their heads off in fright towards the famous climax. It was a good theatre experience for me and despite the film not exactly matching up with repeat viewings, still manages to send a chill or two down a spin.

Naomi Watts is looking for a tape that supposedly kills the viewer 7 days after they watch it. The voice on the other end of the phone still sends chills down my spine. Verbinski's first big hit which really got his career moving. He knew that slowly building tension and dread is what would drive the film. The mystery behind it would draw people in. Then attack them with an insane final act just when you think everything is safe. A good combo that really works for this film.

I would love the watch the original, which is probably scarier given the non-hollywood budget and slickness, but as it stands, The Ring is one of the best horror films out there. I can't say too much for the sequels that Hollywood spit out afterwards. But isn't that always the case with horror films in Hollywood?

A good remake in the horror genre is hard to do. I feel as though they managed to do this one right.