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Starship Troopers


Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, Jake Busey View All


Paul Verhoeven (Director), Edward Neumeier (Screenplay) View All

Released: Nov. 6th, 1997
Runtime: 2 hours, 9 minutes
Set in the future, the story follows a young soldier named Johnny Rico and his exploits in the Mobile Infantry. Rico's military career progresses from recruit to non-commissioned officer and finally to officer against the backdrop of an interstellar war between mankind and an arachnoid species known as "the Bugs".
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That definitely bleeds into the main narrative that foregoes focusing on the space war in favour of a teenage love triangle straight out of a soap opera as Casper Van Dien's pretty-boy football hero protagonist (who looks an awful lot like the hero of Team America: World Police) is torn between his feminine upper-class girlfriend (Denise Richards) and his tomboyish best friend (Dina Meyer) who has unrequited feelings for him.
But it isnt the idea of it that counts but it is the execution, and that was pretty damn lackluster to me.
Citizen Rules
Later we find out that the alien bugs are brainless and act out of pure instinct. Which seems to suggest that the Human's war effort is misguided by the militaristic government.
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