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~ I am tired of ze same old faces! Ze same old things!
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  1. 07-25-13
    thanks Proximity than it's 8/10
  2. 07-25-13
    Proximity, i just saw your comment, sorry
    thanks for your feedback. and...
    Hey, mayne. The image isn't working. Did you get it from IMDB? Because they don't let anyone other than the user who posted it see the image.
    yeah it's from imdb. i never get image there and film was

    Do you mean 8/10? 10/8 = 125% and that doesn't make a lot of sense for a movie rating lol. If you're just trying goofing around, then forget me saying this. Usually, though, a rating goes ACHIEVED SCORE/HIGHEST POSSIBLE SCORE, not the reverse.

    i mean eight on a ten point scale. which one is true??
  3. 04-20-13
    Thanks, always loved them. Even though they say nothing, just look cool.
  4. 03-19-13
    Oregano is your power spice.
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