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Forbidden Games


Brigitte Fossey, Georges Poujouly, Philippe de Chérisey (Amédée ), Laurence Badie View All


René Clément (Screenplay), René Clément (Director), Francois Boyer (Screenplay) View All

Release: May 9th, 1952
Runtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Orphaned after a Nazi air raid, Paulette, a young Parisian girl, runs into Michel, an older peasant boy, and the two quickly become close. Together, they try to make sense of the chaotic and crumbling world around them, attempting to cope with death as they create a burial ground for Paulette's deceased pet dog. Eventually, however, Paulette's stay with Michel's family is threatened by the harsh realities of wartime.
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The film is carried by the two main characters of Michel and Paulette.
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Either way it was amazing the way the shattered world of the children came alive on the screen, I would never have thought of the subject matter, very creative idea for a movie and put together nicely.
Michel was perhaps little too naive about death for being a country boy but for pampered little Parisienne like Paulette death could easily have been something new and foreign.