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Release: Dec. 10th, 2009
Runtime: 2 hours, 42 minutes
In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.
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155 Avatar
AVATAR (James Cameron, 2009) Well, here it is. James Cameron's project has been hyped to within an inch of its proverbial life over the years, what with the epic budget, alleged re-inventing of s...

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mark f
Since our MoFos are just so damned smart and well-versed in movie lore, it's obvious that Avatar borrows from Aliens, The Emerald Forest, Dances With Wolves, Iron Man and a half-a-dozen lesser films, but what makes the flick a blast is not what we've seen before but what we've never seen before.
The Rodent
The term 'Avatar' has many different meanings throughout the various old and new cultures in real life, and even the real life religions spread throughout human history, and Cameron has utilised this.
Thursday Next
It's childish. I wanted a more grown-up film..
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