Avatar   7/25/18
by aronisred
Even though James Cameron has done the best he could to make this movie everything anyone ever wanted which is a commercial critical ambitious awards-celebrated epic which will be remembered more than most movies ever will be, I do think the movie's goal to appeal to wide range of audience forced Ca...

Avatar   9/27/16
by mark f
Of course, it could have been even better than a very good movie if "That Guy" had spent as much time on his back story and his one-and-a-half-dimensional villains as he did on creating a beautiful new world, an impressive gimmick involving the avatars themselves and some incredible new technology t...

Avatar   7/16/15
by Iroquois
Though the quality of the visuals still hold up even on 2-D TV, the weaknesses in the plot and characterisation are more than enough to prevent Avatar from being a genuine classic or even just a decent blockbuster.

Avatar   5/31/12
by The Rodent
Even so, Avatar is still one of the best CGI laden movies I have ever seen and is very cleverly written in a way that the audience has to keep an open eye and make discoveries of their own.

Avatar   3/31/10
by Thursday Next
It's childish. I wanted a more grown-up film.

Avatar   1/04/10
by Golgot
The rest of my reservations centre around the 'native green alien' issues & plot.

Avatar   12/21/09
by Sleezy
[i]Avatar[/i] is surprisingly very good, and uses its assets as smartly as you could ever hope for in today’s overblown, banal adventure-blockbuster genre.

Avatar   12/18/09
by TheUsualSuspect
Everyone's talking about it, everyone's seeing it, so be a part of the phenomenon.

Avatar   12/18/09
by Yoda
It goes without saying that the person and the avatar don't always look similar, which makes Avatar's title fitting in a way it did not intend: it projects a lovely image out to the world, but that image isn't what it really is.

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