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Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, Nikolay Grinko, Alisa Freyndlikh View All


Andrei Tarkovsky (Director), Arkadiy Strugatskiy (Writer), ????? ????????? (Writer) View All

Released: Aug. 1st, 1979
Runtime: 2 hours, 43 minutes
Near a gray and unnamed city is the Zone, a place guarded by barbed wire and soldiers, and where the normal laws of physics are victim to frequent anomalies. A stalker guides two men into the Zone, specifically to an area in which deep-seated desires are granted.
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The Sci-Fi Slob
Stalker is a very complex film, however, its plot is very simple: a man living in a desolate and miserable industrial Russian town, promises two men (a writer and a professor), that he will guide them to the center of a forbidden area known as 'The Zone' to find a room which can apparently grant wishes.
Captain Spaulding
The mysterious power of the Zone held me within its grip and kept me enthralled until, like the characters in the film, I began to lose hope.
The Gunslinger45
Plus the camera movements look like I felt like I was watching a painting being made as opposed to a film being watched.
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