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Most Biblical movies were long If I Recall.
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  1. 12-04-17
    That would still be cool. I always thought you seemed like an interesting MoFo with good taste,but haven't had the opportunity to interact much with you.
  2. 12-04-17
    You should join the arthouse mafia.
  3. 09-03-17
    Your username is great!
  4. 08-06-17
    Cheers mate, i'll add it.
Rocky   5/05/14
In an ideal world, embracing cliches would go along with maybe some sort of subversiveness or at least doing s...

Short Cuts   8/10/13
I might give the edge to Magnolia in terms of talented star power, but Short Cuts entire cast helped it have d...

The Long Goodbye   7/29/13
Right after seeing this movie, he quickly became one of my favorite film characters of all time...

Gosford Park   7/27/13
The "twist" at the end was certainly interesting and I didn't see it coming, but it's hard to call it a twist ...

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