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  1. 11-24-15
    'Festen' is definitely a highly recommended film from me.

    It's the first film made with the danish Dogme rules and is a film that really captures great danish cinema - dark, fun and fantastic filmmaking (even considering the dogme rules in this film). You should search for the 7th Hall of Fame thread, I nominated it there. On the first page, first post, I made a short little write-up about it - no spoilers of course.

    But that's all you should read about it. Apart from that there's only to say one thing: just watch it.
  2. 10-15-15
    Welcome back
  3. 10-15-15
    Hey welcome back!
  4. 05-03-15
    It seems we have some film taste in common... Im an Ozon fan..I was introduced to his films by a friend who lives in Argentina... Modern French Cinema is interesting.
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