Stalker   5/22/21
by Takoma11
I knew that I hadn't connected with the film when I watched it about 10 years ago, but I figured that I'd matured and seen a lot of films since then, and I would probably have a new appreciation for it.

Stalker   2/03/21
by Skepsis93
Its clear that Tarkovsky intended this film to be an intensely personal experience for each individual that takes the leap into this almost 3-hour long spiritual journey, whose modest plot follows three men as they venture into the mysterious Zone, in search of a Room which supposedly has the power ...

Stalker   9/29/18
by Citizen Rules
I loved the look of the zone with the early morning soft light and mist...mist everywhere, like a soft blanket concealing the mysteries of the zone.

Stalker   12/24/16
by re93animator
Its also interesting to note that Stalkers chemically contaminated shooting locations even notoriously led to the death of several crew members after filming (including Tarkovsky).

Stalker   5/03/15
by The Sci-Fi Slob
Stalker is a very complex film, however, its plot is very simple: a man living in a desolate and miserable industrial Russian town, promises two men (a writer and a professor), that he will guide them to the center of a forbidden area known as 'The Zone' to find a room which can apparently grant wi...

Stalker   6/15/14
by Captain Spaulding
Stalker is a Master's thesis of a film, one that deserves to be watched multiple times and analyzed and dissected and written about at length.

Stalker   3/14/14
by The Gunslinger45
Many of you know I went on record that day that (as of now) it is the best film I have seen from the standpoint of film as a piece of art.

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