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Movie imagry; looking for a cheeky secretary or box office attendant


Hi all,

Thank you all for contributing to make such a useful site!

I have a tricky one here...

I am looking for an image from a film - could be any film - to be used in an art project.

I am looking for an image of a cheeky female movie ticket attendant or secretary - you know the type; sitting deeply in a chair, legs crossed up high, doing her nails, chewing gum... the type who is so lazy and non committed she drawls her words out in one syllable? Yea! That's the one! Where did you see her? Film title and approx/ exact location much appreciated.

Now I do understand there may be a few of them out there... it's a fairly common image that appears to remain anonymous in general discussion... an icon who appears at the back of people's minds when watching the main characters go about their thing.

Headshots are not really what I'm after; as much of if not all of the body as possible.

Many thanx to all.


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First one that comes to mind is One, Two, Three at about 6:45 into the flick. Several other times too.

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Can't find a picture, but I'm sure there's something like that in Chafed Elbows.
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

Definitely an old B&W film when they could do sexy without looking sluttish. The gangster films had some of the best.

If you want something more recent, you could try "Ugly Betty".
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She is not going to have the look you want because she isn't young and pretty, but...

Carol Burnett on her variety show as Mrs. Wiggins.

There are several sketches on youtube with her in this role with Tim Conway as her boss.

I checked out the skit with Rock Hudson, one of the later ones, and at the end of the clip, it wasn't the complete skit, she is indeed doing her nails with her legs crossed. At other times in this skit and in other ones she is chewing gum. None of the google images captures this quality exactly. But the skits do have the image if you wait for it. She is playing a completely incompetent, stupid, lazy secretary, but without the usual iconic hotness. But she does have nice legs.
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
- Paula

WOW! I am really liking the angle of your replies!
Great perspective! I deeply appreciate the avoidance of smut.

I will tell you the project I am doing to perhaps stoke the fires a little more as, with this being a movie forum, I am certain you will appreciate the context I am working in.

I am producing a painting that will be used as a blind in a movie theatre, stating something about the box office being closed or whatever. The cinema itself is a very old one, and is famed for it's hosting of a very wide eclectic of films both new and old.

I want to paint the attendant as described as tho she is being lazy or disinterested in selling tickets to the public and has put the sign up in order that she might do her nails (or whatever else it appears she is more interested in - counting sheep?). I would like the source film to be somewhat of a mystery to the casual observer, tho discernible to those 'in the know' :taps nose:

Thank you again for the suggestions thus far. I will carefully check out the suggestions given and compile a short list for consideration.

Catchyaz all soon.


Ps - and YES! I will post photographs of the completed works for all to see here.

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There is Marilyn Monroe in Monkey Business, one of her last supporing roles before being cast in lead roles, but she never does her nails or chews gum. Her boss just gives her something and says, "Find someone to type this." There is also the image of Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday who isn't playing a secretary, but has much of the attitude you describe.

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Here is Maxine Cooper in Kiss Me Deadly, but she is wearing slacks.

The slacks are okay, for I will change the legs to suit the requested image. Thank you all for your input. I am still on the mission and will let you know how it goes. Regards, Zz