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Raging Bull vs Goodfellas


Raging Bull vs Good fellas
4 votes
Raging Bull
22 votes
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Its Raging Bull for me!

Another tough one! I was raised on watching real-life boxing and even going to a match or two, so I went into Raging Bull with high hopes, and was not disappointed. But I'm a sucker for gangster/mafia flicks and love Goodfellas. Both are classics, highly watchable and quotable,, I've got to go with Goodfellas. I'm basing this soley on how many times I've seen it compared to the former film. Again, kudos to a tough choice presented!

P.S. Favorite line from Raging Bull that really doesn't advance the story at all, but is funny: When Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are trying to fix the television and even though the picture is still complete snow, Pesci says, "That looks like something." I still use that to this day.
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Goodfellas is a great Film, very much so! Though Raging Bull pulls on my heart rings...I sound like bloody woman, don't I!

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Raging Bull is near perfect in quality, but as emotionally cold as Antartica. Goodfellas is my choice.
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Both of these films are really well made, Inspite of that I personally don't enjoy any of them.
I wish I could see them again back-to-back, maybe that would help me pick one.
But don't think I would want to watch them again.

But I'm going to pick Raging Bull here, I thought the fight scenes were well shot.

Although I liked Raging Bull and Goodfellas equally well, I decided to go with Goodfellas, for some reason that I can't put my finger on.
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Just watched a Joe Pesci interview on You Tube.

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I just thought that was incredibly funny.

Taxi Driver, if that were a third option. Both are great films, but of the two Goodfellas easily wins. I really ought to re-watch Raging Bull, though.
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Both are incredible films and shouldn't really be compared, if I had to choose one to watch right now though it would be Goodfellas. Raging Bull is superb though, like Taxi Driver does with Travis Bickle it is an excellent character portrayal of Jake La Motta.

Goodfellas is more quotable as well, now go home and get your f***ing shinebox!

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Goodfellas hands down. Wasn't really too big a fan of Raging Bull, though I thought the acting was superb. Everything else in Raging Bull was just not all that interesting to me. Goodfellas, however, was entertaining all the way through, even when it was going a bit slow.