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I must say, I am really digging FX's Dirt. Sure, the first season just ended, and it's about to fall off the radar for a spell, but, I for one will be looking forward to next season. Sure, it's gutter trash doing gutter things, but man, it sure is fun! Npw, the charactwers might not be redeemable, dave Don Konkey, but, I find them to all pretty pretty well drawn and developed. I like them, a lot. I also really dig the production design and post work, as well. Any other fans of this racey, over-the-top series?

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Well after having watched a few episodes of "dirt" mid-way thru the season, I must agree with you whole-heartedly, it is extremely addictive to watch. And it doesn't hurt that the entire cast looks like they belong in porn...
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A system of cells interlinked
Yeah, I shall be snagging the first season so i can see all the stuff I missed. We have a long wait for any of our shows to come back on so.... time for some dvd action!

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This needs a bump. They are showing reruns of the show now since the new season starts March 2nd. Here is the schedule!

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