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Just got back from seeing Marvel's latest big screen adaptation, thought I'd share a few thoughts with you lucky Mofos!

Having been more of a Spiderman, Batman and Superman kind of kid, I went into this movie with very little knowledge of the Fantastic Four or this movie.
The story revolves around a doomed space research mission, which has lasting effects for the four main protagonists as well as the main villan Dr.Doom. Caught up in a space storm, all five people involved have their DNA radically altered, all with varying effects.

After the many recent Marvel adaptations, I approached Fantastic Four with a reasonable amount of optimism, again I knew little of the X-Men comics before the films, and was hoping for another great chapter in their on-going franchise. I have to say I felt let down by their most recent offering, mainly because this film is probably more aimed at kids after the more recent darker adaptations. Don't get me wrong, this is not Blade 3, but ultimately it failed to push the right buttons for me.
The characters were not as well written as in previous adaptations, especially Reed Richards, who they seemed particularly lost as to how to use him to best effect. There is a lot of humour used to cover up the many weak points in this over melodramatic special effects vehicle, most notably between Johnny Storm(human torch) and Ben Grim(the Thing), but the weak story really lets this film down, and Victor Von Doom(Julian McMahon) is the most under developed villan I've seen recently.
Call me sceptical, but perhaps the wheels of the comic book franchise have a slow puncture, and I would be surprised if there is a sequel to this film.
I might be wrong, kids should love this movie, but for the adult comic book fans, this film is a let-down.
I wait to see what lies in store with X3, if they don't get it right, they will loose a lot of popularity, especially as DC seemed to finally be getting it right with their new Batman franchise and the eagerly anticipated Superman film.

Rating 2.5/5
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I'm a really big fan of the Fantastic Four as characters, with the comics and cartoons, that being said i think this movie looks absolutely horrible, and i'm not even planning on seeing it. Quite dissapointing to me.

I went into this movie expecting just like Mindless action. I wasn't expecting a great storyline or amazing Character devolpment all I wanted was the fantastic four fighting crime with the awesome powers and I didn't even get that. The whole entire movie is just them trying to understand their powers. The end fight sequence was really fun to watch but it was just too short. I was also pretty dissapointed by this movie
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I enjoyed it, i liked the human element, i don't think it would have worked without the exploration of each character, sadly Von Doom had the least screen time, which was a shame. The villian really didn't have much threat, and i don't think he was done justice. I liked the humour, it wasn't too cheesy, i was expecting Human Torch to get on my ****, but he didn't . Also, as i've said, Chilkis and McMahon are my favourite TV actors, so seeing them on the big screen was pretty cool. I had low expectations for this movie, but it exceeded them. Looks like this years Hulk, imo a good film but in others not so good.

Well, i didn't think it was too bad but. Overall, i didnt think they handled Von Doom's character all that well. Not that he wasn't much of a threat but, i mean come on isnt this villian suppose to be what inspired Darth Vader? [As of what i heard]. Jessica Alba looked great in the film...

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I went into this film with really quite low expectations, so I wasn't disappointed at all. I liked that they spent some time exploring the characters and their powers, although Reed was a bit of a non-character. I think this was probably quite a difficult comic to turn into a film, four characters, each with rather stupid powers (especially the Thing, whose story was well handled), and they made a good job of it. High points: the flame grilled burger ad getting 'flame grilled' by the human torch; the Thing finally accepting who he is (and his catchphrase) by crashing in with "It's clobbering time!"; Dr. Doom's metal scars. Ok, so it's not exactly Sin City, but I liked it a lot better than The Hulk, X=Men or Spiderman. A good fun popcorn movie.

The Fantastic Four is Marvel's worst attempt for a superhero comic adaptation on the big screen. I went in expecting exactly what I saw which was all action and special effects and crap surrounding it. It was like watching one long trailer. Me? I would rether watch The Hulk anyday!

Now im no comic expert but isn't Spawn from Marvel because if it is then i think that could get worst comic book adaption or any of the blade movies but Blade trinity gets my vote as the worst

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Let me tell everyone how sick I am of these superhero movies. Batman begins, I thought was horrible in every aspect of character developmeant, and the dumb twist that everyone saw from miles away. X-Men, was really good, and to me the only one that really has everything working for it. Superman is a bit childish and does not apply to all audiences. Fantastic Four, was like a bad version of a superhero movie, but this was in a good way. The movie featured a quick overview into the characters, unlike batman which speant almost an hour on it. Then the movie quickly went into some fun scenes and had the last fight and ended. There was no intese melodramatic subplot, but instead this was straightfoward and got to the point. It serves its purpose and then ends, instead of going on and on. The movie, however, was missing some of the more intense action sequences of other movies in this field. Overall, this gets a B+ in my book, but you must understand this comparring it to movies in this genre.

this movie is dissapointing but its not bad
the Human Torch was just hilarious cool fx on top of that make it worth watching


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Question about the Human Torch actually. Why doesn't his hair burn off, is that flaming too?

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I like that movie. My favorite part is that Thing action figure, said by some kid's voice, and Human Torch said "It was a prototype!".

I only saw this movie because my friends made me. and it was just as i thought it would be, there were some humerous parts but the rest of it was just crap. i would have to say that i think this is marvels worst movie yet, with daredevil coming in at a close 2nd.

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dolarhydecb, that is just weird, how come everyone I ask loves does movies? To everyone,Batman Begins was a wonderful movie go see it. It's at least worth your time.

I bet you saw these movies with one thing in mind, I can't wait to be a critic!!

You say that they spent to much time overviewing Batman, 1 hour you said, why don't you take a look at the name of the movie? Batman begins? does that ring a bell?


I have not yet seen the movie but if it is anything like the comics then it should e a great movie

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Originally Posted by amatosnerd19

I have not yet seen the movie but if it is anything like the comics then it should e a great movie
It isn't and it's not
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This was probably the worst movie i've seen in theatres this summer, i'v seen at least 12-15 too, i was really excited to see it before but it was just aimed too much towards little kids, Chris Evans was hilarious, Jessica Alba was as hot as ever, but Mr. Fantastic couldn't have been a more boring character, the story was stupid. It was like a 1 hour 45 minute movie about 4 people trying to hide their powers with a 15 minute super hero side dish at the end. A pretty lame 15 minutes too. I just don't see why this movie had to be so dumbed down, Spider-Man is a massive hit with little kids, but its also a massive hit with adults, because the writers wer smart enough to make that work. Seems like instead of putting the work in for that, the F4 creators took the easy way out.

wat a piece of crap omg the best part of the movie was, flame on and i mthought it would own batman dam quantom physics