The Matrix 4


Is Hollywood going to do a remake of "The Matrix"?
I don't think it will ever be the same without Keanu Reeves.
Please provide source.

Public won't accept Michael B Jordan as Morpheus, its a sick joke of an idea

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Public won't accept Michael B Jordan as Morpheus, its a sick joke of an idea
Is that who they want him to play? I thought it was Neo since they originally wanted Will Smith to play that character.
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It’s not a remake anymore. It’s a sequel that will star Keanu Reeves.
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Little concerned that just one Wachowski is on board. How do we know if this one is the Simon and not the Garfunkel?
Iím not concerned. They are both equally talented in their own rights. I think itís why Reloaded and Revolutions was a mess. Two much push and pull with the nonsense. Iím addicted to this franchise regardless so I say bring it on.

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I've been thinking in recent years that they might do this with Keanu given the success of John Wick.

Questions arise about Morpheus, where is he? Also Trinity is dead, but there's no reason they (the machines) can't recreate a faux Trinity, perhaps as a system of control to keep Neo from causing trouble again.

Very excited! More Matrix less real world this time thanks.

Don't please, don't messup Matrix. The movie is good as it this. I'm sure they will gonna ruin this name if they do a remake of it.