The Matrix 5 - Drew Goddard directing


This new Matrix movie will be written by AI.
That might actually be an improvement over the last 3 movies!!!

Welcome to the human race...
maybe it's because i'm in the minority that actually liked resurrections (and the other two sequels, if enough people are still unhappy about that), but this is almost certainly going to end up being the worst entry by some distance. what made the matrix special (for better or worse) was that it was the wachowskis' vision and they understood that it was a finite one, resulting in multiple sequels emphasising how, to quote one of them, "everything that has a beginning has an end". of course, the powers that be just keep demanding more of them in spite of that (and resurrections is built as a response to that, even going so far as to reincarnate the franchise's main villain as an entertainment company ceo asking for a matrix sequel in-universe). but even if i were to concede that a new creator could do something worthwhile with the franchise at this point, goddard's track record is spotty enough that i don't think he's liable to pull it off (even the cabin in the woods now reads like it's cut from a similar cloth as resurrections in how it's essentially pissing on the concept of rehashing old movie ideas ad nauseum, so him being stuck between reiterating the wachowskis' ideas and distancing himself from them is a no-win scenario).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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