IMDB - can't search for character name


I thought I remembered being able to search for a character's name on

I just went there, and I can't see any way to search by character name. I can still search by actor name.

Am I doing it wrong, or did IMDB remove that search ability?

Not from what I can see.

If I search ALL for "Scrooge", I don't get any response listing character names. There's one actor who's name is Scrooge. There are movie titles with that, and "Scrooge" is even a keyword search item.

Next to the search bar is a drop box... select "Names" before typing in the seach bar... but it only searches for real people now.

I even tried to bypass IMDB's search via Google - "character scrooge" I did get a link, but it comes back as a failed link on IMDB. They really shut down the character search on their site.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
They could be working on updating the character search function. Things do disappear for a day or two and then come back - not always though.
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