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I'm genuinely excited to see the results. I love a good countdown! It should be a nice Christmas treat to end this crazy year.

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Wow, I finally clear out the lists I had and then 8 pop into my inbox. Back to work.
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Suspect's Reviews

Me reading people's posts about it being hard to narrow things down:

Me trying to narrow my own list down:

And this is why I keep a list handy.

I request a podcast review of this countdown with Yoda, Holden, and Mark when all is said and done.

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Ok, list finally sent. If I wrote the list any other day it would probably be different. Didnít think putting top films in order would be so difficult. Oh well, this should be interesting.

Thanks for the DM Yoda, otherwise I wouldn't have even known this was happening. Just sent my list to UsualSuspect.

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Iíll be re ordering my list today and sending it. Itís been more difficult then I thought when trying to decide which film to leave out certain films while leaving others in.
The struggle is real

Havenít been much active lately. And donít plan to right atm because Iím quite busy.

BUT that said I very much hope to get a list in. After all this list is one of the more ďeasy onesĒ to get done. Coincidentally Iíve been rewatching a lot of past favorites over the last few months, so I should have a more accurate list than I first thought.

An All-Time list is always hard to do. Donít think I will be really satisfied. But I want to join. Itís fun and I love following these lists so I wanna participate.

Right now Iím actually rewatching a potential entry for the list. So Iím working on it.*

Hopefully I wonít be too busy to follow the list when the countdown begins.

Thanks for the PM.

I submitted it moments ago, ranked and everything. A lot easier to do 25 entries than say 100.

But having done lists for RT in the past, it'll be fun to see what made the list and what didn't.