MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - Sign-Ups


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Apparently dates and times mean less than nothing to me, as I have no understanding of what they are or how they work. I realized that my previous realization was off by a week, I am getting my second dose on the 21st, not the 28th. Nothing to see here.

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Holden's draft time no prob for me!
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I'm fine with whatever new time to. Not sure if you needed me to weigh in or not. But I have.
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Update on Yahoo stuff: there's no option for a two-week championship, and I see people asking online about it, too. Yahoo continues to have really crappy league format options relative to ESPN (though it's better in some other ways).

It also feels a tiny bit goofy to have six teams make the playoffs (since that's half the league this year), but I guess it's better than just four. And it helps that the top two get byes, at least.

Only thing worth discussing for playoff format is which weeks we want it to cover. Historically it's been weeks 14/15/16, which works well since week 17 is always a crapshoot, but now we have an 18th week. I was inclining towards keeping things exactly the same, since I expect the last TWO weeks to be kinda random, but I'm open to pushing it back to weeks 15/16/17 to get one more regular season game in. I'll do that if a good chunk of people prefer it and basically nobody objects, so let me know ASAP if you care either way.

Speaking of the regular season, there's some additional randomness since we'll play a few teams more than once, but not most. Oh well.

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Probably best to keep it the same it’s always been. Teams that have already made the playoffs, and clinched their seed, tend to rest their starters the final game. They may even choose to do so earlier now with that extra game.

Yeah, my thinking is that things won't actually move back a week with the additional game, and that the last two weeks will be kinda crazy the way just Week 17's been in the past.

Pretty lame Yahoo won't let us extend the championship though.

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I left you a few comments about this, not sure if you saw them?

Anyway, the gist of them is that you'd need someone to drop. But I think all 12 owners have explicitly confirmed so you'd basically have to ask someone to switch with you.

Didn't know if the one that didn't respond yet was in. Thanks.

Doing my pre draft rankings on Yahoo, a tedious process. I hate how Yahoo has gotten away from doing their own now. Yahoos been dropping the ball lately, or maybe Im just spoiled.

Okay, about to draw. I'll be doing this the same way I always do: I take the list of teams from the league site in the order it displays them to me (any order is fine, anyway, because of the next step), and then I go to and have it generate a number from 1-12. That number determines which team from the list gets the first pick. Then I remove that team, generate a number from 1-11, and repeat.

Here we go...