Name last African movie you have watched


Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuel Katto, African Minerals and Mining Engineer expert from Uganda. I'm a big fan of African movies and recently I have watched Aki and Pawpaw on Netflix, comment down the last African movie you have watched......

I enjoyed Saloum. The ending didn’t quite hold up but I loved the vibe.

Last month I watched October 1, from Nigeria. Have you seen it?
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I enjoyed Saloum. The ending didn’t quite hold up but I loved the vibe.
Saloum also appears to be my latest African watch. Unfortunately, I didn't care for it that much.

As a whole, Africa remains a cinematic periphery for me; I don't actively try to change that, and I rarely stumble upon African films that seem interesting. There have been some African films I've enjoyed over the years like Dust Devil, The Night of Counting the Years, and Gaia.

I enjoyed Saloum. The ending didn’t quite hold up but I loved the vibe.


These are most of the African films I've seen, just in case anybody wants to share thoughts or recommend anything else...

Black Girl (Senegal) -

Rafiki (Kenya) -

Night of the Kings (Cote d'Ivoire) -

The Girl in the Yellow Jumper (Uganda) -

The Figurine (Nigeria) -

October 1 (Nigeria) -

93 Days (Nigeria) -

Tajouj (Sudan) -

Who Killed Captain Alex? (Uganda) - All the stars!

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I've watched a lot of South African films over the past few years:

Joe Bullet (the first South African film to have an all Black cast only to be banned after 2 screenings in 1973 before the end of Apartheid)
Trompie (family film about a kid and his friends causing all sorts of mischief)
Lola (girl proves herself against men by competing in a volleyball game)
Rich Girl (bodyguard must protect rich girl from potential kidnapping and of course, falls for her...sound familiar...this was made a full 12 years before that Costner-Houston film)
The Lullaby (new mother experiences post-partum psychosis, fearing a supernatural entity is planning to take her child)
Seun (a soldier, paralyzed after sacrificing himself to save a fellow soldier,returns home and his parents are conflicted with his care)
Die Pro (teen surfer gives up sport after best friend accidentally drowns, friend's twin sister wants to surf in his memory; resparks interest for the teen, but not without a lot of drama)
Kampterrein (hijinks ensues between two families and those around them during a weekend at a campground)
Knysna (boy meets girl; falls for girl; girl turns out to be a princess who is supposed to marry a prince but is tired of living like a royal and wants a normal life)
Somer Son (couple in a last-ditch effort to save marriage go on a vacation and break down, find house, not realizing the owners show up the next day; the owners and couple become friends and add to the mix their other friends, who bond with the couple getting the spark they need back)
The Unforgiving (a couple being interrogated tell the story of how they broke down and come across a monster who begins to torture them with the help of some very rednecky side characters)
Expiration (a group of people selected to try a new drug for a clinic begin to not only experience side effects but soon learn there is something more sinister that could threaten their existence)
Kaalgat Karel (YouTube viral streaker has freak accident during a stunt and falls for the paramedic taking care of him; however, she has a thing for the local surgeon, who is looking for someone "perfect" and she ends up friend-zoning the streaker. Feels like an old school Adam Sandler movie without Sandler)
Van Der Merwe (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding having a love child with Father of the Bride - a buffoonish Boer farmer gets the shock of a lifetime when his daughter gets engaged to a British medical school graduate)
Stone Cold Jane Austen (a rock duo from the UK decide to try to break into the Afrikaans music scene...yes it's a mockumentary)
Footskating 101 (when an outcast is mocked for having no skateboard skills, he creates a new sport where it's skateboarding without a board LOL)
Alles Wat Mal Is (a bored housewife thinks her husband may be cheating on her, develops an inner conscience that comes to life only to her and soon she learns to stop being quiet and gains the confidence she needs to better herself and soon her family as well, by creating an advice column)
It's All About the Movies

The trick is not minding
Black Girl, which is masterpiece.
I plan on watching Touki Bouki soon.

Criterion announced some Sembene films for next month, so I’ll dig through those eventually.

I want to give a shout out to Chahine out of Egypt.
Alexandria…Why? And Cairo Station are amazing