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October 1

(2014, Afolayan)
A film from Nigeria

"He will keep on killing until his thirst for blood has been quenched."

October 1, 1960 is the date when Nigeria gained its independence from Great Britain. It is also the date when this film starts, as we see Inspector Danladi Waziri (Sadiq Daba) deliver his findings to the British colonial authorities on the case of a serial killer and rapist. Unfortunately, the British seemed to be more interested in getting this over with for the handover of the country.

There is always disappointment in seeing a story with potential being hindered by a couple of elements. Director Afolayan does a good job handlng the camera and keeping an effective pace on things. However, the story is predictable as you can probably guess who the killer is after 15 minutes of film.

In addition, many of the performances aren't very strong. Daba has a very likable presence and it's refreshing to see a film like this focusing on an aging inspector, instead of a young hotshot. However, you can see him struggling often with his line delivery. I did like the subtext of the "old school" clashing with the "new" one, and how it presents the problems of colonialism within the country.

This is the second film I see from Afolayan (the other being The Figurine) and it is evident that he knows what he's doing, at least within the limitations of a developing cinema industry. Despite its many flaws, October 1 still manages to be an entertaining and mostly well done thriller.